Haryana Police Academy NH44 Madhuban,Karnal, Haryana Contact:-0184-2380101


The scope of the Academy is to provide training to police officers as follows :
  1. Basic Training to directly recruited police officers of all ranks.
  2. In-service training to police officers in order to enhance their professional competence and skill.
  3. Specialized training on important aspects of police work.
  4. Research and development of strategies and equipments for dealing with police problems and improving the efficiency of police force.


                               The Training shall also improve their physical fitness and also impart professional knowledge.

The training will aim to improve the proficiency and keenness of the trainees and inculcate in them those habits of health, activity, discipline, self reliance. Cleanliness, dignity of labour, keen observation, courtesy and straightforwardness in the execution of their work, which are essential to a police officers.

The Academy shall aim at developing and securing highest standard of conduct, judgement, devotion to duty and morality, essential ingredients of policing.

In addition to the inputs on professional subjects the Academy shall also endeavour to sensitize all trainees on issues like Human Rights, Gender, Caste, Community, Human Behaviour, Current Affairs, National/ International issues - with a view to improve their general awareness.

To achieve these objectives:

The Academy will update the syllabus of various courses from time to time to provide above dimensions adequately in the training curriculum.