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                          Spread in an area of 500 acres on the two sides of the augmentation canal, on the National Highway No. 1 (also historically known as SherShah Suri Marg or Grand Trunk Road), is the Madhuban Police Complex which houses several institutions of Haryana Police including the Haryana Police Academy. One of the most picturesque Police Campuses in the country, the Madhuban Police Complex also houses following institutions and facilities.

Within a 30 Kms radius of Madhuban there are several internationally known places of religious, tourist & historic importance.

  1. City of Karnal, 10 Kms north of Madhuban, a thriving modern city today, is said to have been founded by Raja Karna of the Mahabharata fame. The city and surrounding areas have several historical & religious sites that attract locals and tourists alike. The city has as many as seven National Institutes such as NDRI, NBAGR, CSSRI, DWR etc. The Internationally famous 'Liberty' brand shoes are manufactured in Karnal.
  2. About 30 Kms north of Madhuban is the town of Kurukshetra, a name associated with the Puranas and Rigveda, where most of the Vedic literature was composed and which is known all over the world as the great battlefield of Mahabharata and birth of the holy Gita. In and around the modern day city of Kurukshetra, there are several monuments and places of great religious and historical importance.
  3. Panipat, a bustling city internationally famous for its handloom industry today, is another historically important place 25 Kms south of Madhuban. The three battles of Panipat shaped the history of India ranging from the decisive victory of Babar in the first battle to the defeat of Maratha power in the final battle.
The lush green Madhuban Campus, nestled amongst such jewels of history, provides an ideal base to explore them.

History of the Academy:
Initially established as Recruit Training Centre on 14th May 1973, first upgraded into a Police Training School on 9th Jan 1976 and then into a Polce Training College on 1st March 1976, the Academy got its present status on 24th April 2002 and has steadily grown to its present eminence. Besides organizing training for Haryana police officers of all ranks, the Academy also regularly facilitates programmes for administrative, judicial and prison officers. Further, Police batches from other States like Nagaland, Manipur, HImachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Bihar and Central Police Organizations like Central Industrial Security Force and Central Bureau of Investigation have also received training here in the past. In the year 2002, 2009 and 2010  the Academy trained a contingent of Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and UT Chandigarh Police comprising of Officers of various ranks.

Haryana Police Academy is located midway between Delhi and Chandigarh on National Highway-1, popularly known as Grand Trunk Road. It is easily accessible from both Delhi & Chandigarh Airport/Railway Station. Karnal Rly Station is only 10 Kms away on the main Delhi-Ambala line.

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